Why detox?

Through all outside influences; polluted air, the perfume you spray, face cream, hairspray, gel, but also what you eat is no longer what we humans used to eat.

We used to eat what grows on the tree or bush, swims in the sea or runs through the land, precisely everything purely from nature. Nowadays there are all kinds of products that should make our food tastier; fragrances, colors and flavors, preservatives or we consume many things that you really would not encounter in nature. Prosperity, our busy existence and a society that has many expectations all ensure that we often cannot have our diet in order.

Because of all these factors, our body has to endure a lot to get rid of all waste products. This results in the waste products accumulating in your body and forming 'snails'.

Your body has to get rid of it somewhere so often the unnecessary food accumulates in your intestines and sticks to the mucous layer and forms the so-called 'mucoid' layer. This layer is created to protect your intestine against harmful substances, but due to all the excess food, the intestinal contents become smaller and smaller. The 'mucoid' layer ensures that important substances cannot reach your intestine, so you no longer absorb nutrients.

Substances are transported from the intestine to other organs, and the toxins and waste products are also transported via the bloodstream to your intestinal wall to be excreted. If these accumulations are permanent, you have all kinds of unhealthy bacteria and parasites in you. If you do nothing about this and keep going the same way you got here, you will end up in a negative spiral.

Your body weakens because the toxins and waste products cannot get out. This can manifest itself in all kinds of physical complaints.

In addition, it is super good to use fasting to address the autophagy in the body, which stimulates the mitochondria to supply your ATP (fuel). That is why many people get into a kind of 'energy rush' when following this treatment.

What makes this detox cure different from juice fasting:

By detoxing with the 100% natural products from REBASE, you help your body to cleanse, purify and lose weight within 17 days.

By juice fasting in combination with cleansing, nourishing & restorative supplements you give your digestion and organs a rest, so that the body is thoroughly cleansed and can be strengthened again.

A juice cure without special detox nutritional supplements can cause your intestines to shut down and the toxins cannot be removed.

What does this cure entail:

The Detox cure 17 Days

A total body and mind reset through the detox treatment. This cure is inspired by and based on the principle of the world famous Austrian physician Frans Xaver Mayr (1875 - 1965) who understood that good health starts with a properly functioning intestine. His bowel cleansing regimen Dr. Mayr consists of three stages; a taper phase (in which you reduce your normal diet), the fasting cure itself and the build-up phase (in which you slowly rebuild to a healthy diet).

Taking the course may not be easy for some. Strong detoxification symptoms can occur such as; headache, nausea, fatigue and weakness.

But all this is worth it if you compare this with the results of the cure.

Detox under supervision

During the cure week, it is nice to have a coach who helps you through it, can give you advice and offer support when you are having a hard time.

- the desired detox program treatment

- physical consultation (if desired, this can also be done by telephone)

- Consult by phone

- a helping hand, advice and explanation during the cure weeks

For guided detoxing you can e-mail or call us for an appointment.

How does it work?

Step 1

Choose your detox:

3 day basic

3 day PRO

5 day basic

5 day PRO

Step 2

5 days the 'Preparation for the detox' phase out phase; during this phase you reduce your nutrition by following our adjusted nutritional schedule, you start taking the supplements and prepare your body and mind for the treatment days. For this you will receive an online guide by e-mail with a step-by-step plan, do's and don'ts, a nutrition plan and recipes.

Step 3

5 days' DETOX; during this phase you help to spare your digestive organs and help your organs to relax. You now start cleaning your intestines, you finish the intestinal filling and this contributes to the recovery of the self-cleaning capacity of the digestive organs.

Step 4

7 days the 'Keep Calm & Cool Down build-up phase'; in this last phase of the treatment you gradually build up your nutrition. And let your body get used to solid food again. You do this by following the adjusted nutritional schedule in combination with the supplements.

'Keep on going'

Now that the cure is over, maintenance is the most important. It is of course a shame to fall into a bad diet again after the cure, so we advise you to follow our feeding schedule after the cure.

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