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HAIR, SKIN AND NAIL BOOSTER BOOST YOUR BODY - Give your hair, skin and nails a boost.

Beauty is on the inside. This booster contains two of our beautifully selected supplements and mineral elixir, which nourish and care for the skin from within, such as vitamins A, B2, B8 and zinc. Vitamin C also contributes.

This vitamin is important for the formation of collagen, for the firmness of the skin. Selenium and zinc, like B vitamins, contribute to strong, voluminous and shiny hair and are also good for the nails. Beautiful from the inside!

Support your hair, skin and nails from the gut.

The perfect combination of supplements, a balanced nutritional schedule of 7 days, an advice exercise schedule,

a meditation / relaxation assignment, 20 cold pressed juices, 5 shots and herbal teas will help you achieve the best results and return your glow.


MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL; Nails, hair and skin need a constant supply of nutrients.

In many cases, they benefit from the same nutrients. For many skin problems, such as dull hair and brittle nails,

there is insufficient supply of these substances. This formula is packed with carefully selected natural nutrients.

REBASE ELIXER - A vitamin and mineral booster for body and mind. In a vegetarian capsule.

A carefully selected Multi in the higher segment. Addition of an herbal and vegetable complex ensures

better absorption.

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