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Lose weight in a healthy and natural way.

The weight loss booster helps support the targeted weight loss. The perfect combination of supplements,

a balanced nutritional schedule of 7 days, a sports / exercise schedule, meditation exercise and 20 cold pressed juices, 5 shots and herbal teas will help you achieve the best results.


PSYLLIUM - Psyllium fibers have the ability to absorb 20x their own weight in moisture.

The fiber ensures that the intestinal contents become softer and more voluminous, which makes bowel movements easier. And make you feel full.

FATBURNER - Stimulate your fat metabolism. Fatburner is a product of vegetarian capsules including vegetable tea and chromium. By using strong extracts, the capsules remained small and therefore easier to take.

Green tea increases fat burning and helps to maintain weight.

Chromium supports normal fat metabolism. The iodine in Fatburner supports the thyroid gland.

POWER BOOSTER - If your immune system could use a little bit of support, Power Booster could be just that. Power Booster contains the herb echinacea and the mineral zinc, which supports the body's defenses. A powerful combination of ingredients for optimal resistance. The product contains multiple B vitamins, Ginko Biloba, Ginseng, Echinacea, Andrographis, bioflavonoids, Selenium and Vitamin c. This mix is ​​formulated in such a way that with regular use of 2 capsules per day the immune system is supported and improved.

Add the optional to the package.

REBASE PROTEIN is a balanced protein formula with an optimal amino acid pattern. Proteins ensure a feeling of fullness for longer, so that you are less hungry. Proteins are also perfect building blocks for maintaining your muscle mass.

The REBASE PROTEIN has the taste of vanilla and is delicious to add to a smoothie or, for example, banana protein pancakes .

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