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Feel powerful and energetic again!

If your immune system could use a little bit of support, PowerBooster could be just that.

PowerBooster is the perfect addition when you have less resistance due to a busy life.

This booster ensures that your body is better prepared for infections, through better absorption of vitamins A, C and E.

The mix of supplements in the PowerBooster supports the immune system through a better absorption of vitamins. PowerBooster is especially recommended if the R is in the month, so from September to April, or when you are in a stressful period. The perfect combination of supplements, a balanced nutritional schedule of 7 days, an exercise schedule advice, a meditation / relaxation assignment, 20 cold-pressed juices, 5 shots and herbal teas help you to become the best version of yourself .


POWERBOOSTER Power Booster contains the herb echinacea and the mineral zinc, which supports the body's defenses.

A powerful combination of ingredients for optimal resistance. The product contains multiple B vitamins, Ginko Biloba, Ginseng, Echinacea, Andrographis, bioflavonoids, Selenium and Vitamin C.

This mix is ​​formulated in such a way that with regular use of 2 capsules per day the immune system is supported and improved.

GREEN GLORY - can be called a superfood by law. This formula is packed with carefully selected natural nutrients. GREEN GLORY contains enzymes, fiber and gastric resistant probiotics Lactospore ™.

Lactospore ™ is a preparation of the lactic acid bacillus based on the species Lactobacillus Sporogenes.

GREEN GLORY contains no less than 27 types of fruits and vegetables. Green Glory also contains the unique Fruits & Greens 100: 1.

This is an extract of no less than twenty-seven different fruits and vegetables.

One gram of Fruits & Greens extract contains as many nutrients as 100 grams of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Barley grass is one of the richest food sources on the planet. It has strong basic properties.

The spirulina in GREEN GLORY is a good source of chlorophyll (chlorophyll).

BONE & JOINT STRENGTH - Empowerment for body and mind. A strong combination of calcium, magnesium and zinc for the maintenance of strong bones and teeth. Magnesium is good for the muscles and plays an important role in functioning

of the nerves. Zinc helps with mental pressure and effort.

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